Q. How do I contact the farmer?

A. You can contact us by email at chesterfieldharvest [at] gmail [dot] com or by phone, 609-291-8210.

Q. How can I learn more about the farm?

A. Anyone interested is welcome to visit the farm after March 15th. Just email or call to set up an appointment.

Q.How much do I get each week?

A. A lot–enough for an average family of four. You will be happy. On weeks that we have a bumper crop, you will be very happy.

Q. What happens if I’m not happy?

A. I’ll give you a prorated refund.

Q. What will I get each week?

A. Please review the “What we grow” page. There are many varieties of vegetables and herbs.

Q. Can I learn how the food is grown?

A. Yes.

Q. What is “Preserved Farmland?”

A. All of our farming is on preserved ground. This is farmland that must be farmed and cannot be built on other than for agriculture. Preserved farmland and local consumers help support local farms.

Q. How many weeks will I pick up?

A. 25 weeks