chesterfield harvest string beans

How do I contact the farmer?

You can contact us by email at chesterfieldharvest@gmail.com or by phone at (609) 291-8210.

How many weeks will I pick up?

A typical CSA membership is about 25 weeks depending on the length of the growing season.

How can I learn more about the farm?

Anyone interested is welcome to visit the farm by appointment from March 15 to the end of the season. Please email or call to set up an appointment.

How much do I get each week?

Each week we prepare a bountiful selection of produce that should supplement an average family of four for one week. On weeks with a bumper crop (an unusally productive harvest), you will receive a larger bounty.

What happens if I'm not happy?

A pro-rated refund is available.

What will I get each week?

There are many varieties of vegetables and herbs available based on the season. Please visit Our Produce for a sample of our offerings.

Can I learn how the food is grown?

Yes. We are fully committed to growing food sustainably and teaching others how to grow food as well.

What is "Preserved Farmland?"

All of our farming is on New Jersey Farmland Preservation ground. This is farmland that must be farmed and cannot be used outside of agricultural purposes. Preserved farmland and local consumers help support local farms.